1  设备结构
    1  Device Structure
           With 1.2mm thick galvanized sheet flanging, combined assembly structure, beautiful appearance, economic and durable, more convenient for transportation and assembly. The filter cylinder is directly mounted on the porous plate with a chuck, which is convenient for the user to repair and replace the filter cylinder, making the filter cylinder not easy to wear out and helpful for ash removal. The filter material is selected according to the actual needs of the user.
    1.2  工作原理
    1.2   Working Principles:
    1.2  工作原理
    1.2   Working Principles:
          This equipment adopts the negative pressure design, that is, the dust gas enters the lower box through the air inlet and filters through the filter cylinder. Due to various effects of the filter cylinder, the dust and gas are separated. The dust is adsorbed on the filter cylinder, and the gas passes through the filter cylinder and enters the upper tank through the venturi tube. The purified air can be discharged directly through the return air port of the dust collector to complete the circulation of the whole system. Cartridge dust gas through the process of purification, with the increase of time, more and more dust accumulated on the cartridge, therefore make the resistance of the filter cartridge gradually increase, the amount of gas through the filter cartridge gradually reduce, in order to make the filter can work properly, installation of equipment of pulse cleaning device, is controlled by pulse instrument issued instructions in order to trigger each control valve, open the pulse valve, gets compressed air bags made by spray torch through each Kong Wenshi tube into the corresponding filter cartridge, cartridge under the effect of instant air reverse swelling, make the dust accumulated on the surface of the filter cartridge, fall off, get renewable cartridge, clear out dust particles of dust fall into ash hopper. Ash bucket adopts push-pull structure, the process of ash removal is quick and convenient. The upper part is provided with ash discharge board to ensure that all dust is concentrated in the dust hopper
    1.3  结构特点
    1.3  Structural Characteristics:
            1. 高适用性设计,除尘器可适应含尘气体性质的大范围波动,井可根据用户情况做适应性非标设计
            2. 特殊的结构设计加上严格的滤料及零部件选用,可满足极为严格的环保要求,除尘器的排放可确保低于
            4. 防漏风设计,******除尘器的漏风率降至******;
    1.3   结构特点
    1.3  Structural Characteristics:
     Before leaving factory, the equipment has been installed and tested as a whole. It adopts internal circulation mode and has no complicated pipelines compared with the traditional dust remover. The equipment is installed
           Put in place, only a little inspection and debugging can be put into use. As there is no exhaust duct, installation space is saved.
    1.High applicability design, dust collector can adapt to the nature of dust and gas in a wide range of fluctuations, and according to the user's situation to do adaptive non-standard design;
    2.The special structure design and strict selection of filter materials and parts can meet the extremely strict environmental protection requirements. The discharge of the dust collector can be guaranteed to be less than 50mg/m3
    3. Optimized design of inlet and outlet air duct, with airflow distributing device inside, which is conducive to uniform airflow distribution;
    4. Air leakage prevention design, to ensure the dust collector's air leakage rate to the minimum;
    5. All steel split structure design, easy to transport and install the equipment, and ensure the manufacturing accuracy of the equipment
    6. Compartment pulse ash removal technology to ensure the best ash removal intensity and effect;
    7. The shutdown self-cleaning system of the dust remover ensures that the dust remover is always in the best working condition
    8. Unique nonlinear equal-flow static pressure nozzle ensures even injection
    9. Long life design. The main equipment shall be designed and manufactured according to the service life of more than 10 years
    10. The low operating cost and optimized process parameter design are conducive to the low resistance, high efficiency and stable operation of the dust collector, as well as the reduction of system energy consumption. Reduce the loss of filter material and maintenance11. Adopt high-quality parts to improve the reliability of equipment operation and reduce maintenance
    12. All filter materials and accessories are of high quality. The average life of filter elements generally exceeds 60 months
    13. Special design of ash hopper makes the dust discharge barrier-free